Premium Ads
For Your Business

Advertising platform that offers banner, video, text ads for users of qr codes, short links and other types of services with the ability to target audiences, geo and other settings

Why ME-Ads?

This platform works directly with me-team products and provides exclusive access to advertising on the company's services. This allows you to access new traffic sources where the company is leading the way. As an example, is a leading QR code generator and provides access to users who scan QR codes around the world.


Higher CTR compare to Google Ads

We provide exclusive ad placements that will allow you to get the highest interaction with it.


Simple creation & moderation

The interface has been customized for maximum ease of customization and creation of an advertising campaign.


100% advertisiment visibility

Your ad creatives are in the center of the user's attention and are the main content of the page.

Unique Targeting
High-quality selection of your audience is the key to successful and effective advertising. ME-ADS will provide you with this, unique analytical system based on AI
Select Only your audience
Find out what your customers are interested in
Show ads in the right place at the right time
Not only to individuals but also to big organizations

Ads Formats


Image & Text Ads

Deliver your product idea not only with text, but also with excellent creativity. This type of advertising is the leading one in the market as it will allow you to show the visualization of your product along with a great description.


Banner Ads

Just post your best images, add a little textual description and our system will automatically determine the audience that suits you and your product. Builds an ML model that will show your ads only to the target audience


How it works?



Go through the simple registration procedure in any way convenient for you


Create your campaign

Create an ad campaign in 4 easy steps without complicated settings


Top up an account

Top up your account via Visa / Mastercard / Amex, Payoneer or in another way


Get your traffic

Get exclusive traffic that matches your product audience